You everything I hoped you would not become
And nothing like you promised you would not be

But now, you live within me

Explain to me why that is

You are the only person I want to forget

The only person I refuse to forgive

And even though you broke me

You are the only one


There are so many times

In fact, most days

That I want to rip your heart out

And throw it all away

The etchings on my body, the scars that you left

I cannot erase because you imprinted with your strength

And even now while I hate you

It pains me to say

I know when you call

I will be there at the end of the day


I cannot live without you

But I do not want a broken heart
I cannot live without you

But I don't want to play this part


I always wanted to say this

But I was always scared

Because I cared too much to let you know

That I told myself so

And you caused me so much pain

Saying you had the most love for me

I refuse to ever believe that was true

I will always be here

Trying to not love you


-Chloe Aldecoa


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