This is the Truth of Me

As I walk to school

I put on the mask that covers who I really am

Everyone of my friends think I'm just a girl

to cool for school

But that isn't true, that isn't the real me.


No the real me is a girl striving to go to college

To not be the stereotype that people label us to be.

Just because I live in the ghetto

Doesn't mean I can't talk proper

It doesn't mean I'm going to get pregnant at 15

I can talk as ghetto as I fucking want to

But the truth is I'm not like that


My friends and family think I only like boys

Yeah, boys are cool

But the truth is behind this curtain, I like girls too

But I can't go on saying that

Since to them that's just weird or disgusting


I can't come out from behind the curtain of the stage

I have stage fright, I'm scared

of what they'll all think of me

Will they judge me or will they accept me.


I'm tired of hiding behind a curtain and behind a mask

I'm tired of it all

I just want to come out and scream






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