The truth about the lies

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 18:23 -- Alharge


United States
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United States
40° 10' 36.3936" N, 75° 32' 51.7308" W
Who am I to criticizes those who lie? Because I lie too. 
Probably more than they do. 
I lie just to get by. 
I lie when I say I'm ok though I'm dying inside, about to cry. 
We all lie. 
About love. 
About life. 
About friends 
About everything 
Like why we are late for an important occasion. 
Or when we call in sick when we're really on vacation. 
Or the fact that there's freedom in our nation though men of the same sexual orientation can be wed in all 50 states. 
Or when people ask about our day. We say it's ok just to make the questions go away. 
We all lie. 
So who am I,
Who are you 
To criticize the people who have the courage to own up to the fact that they don't always tell the truth? 
Funny how lies are frowned Upon  though when we do things that are wrong or when we show our weakness instead of our strengths that we place a lie in the truths place. 
We all lie. 
Don't try to deny. 
You and I lie though it may not be right we do it any way to keep people from seeing the flaws on the inside. 


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