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Danbury    Danbury holds the only home I have ever known and in that home are the memories that make me the person I have become.    Many say that they hate danbury. 
Only you ✔️     Wow. Ouch that actually hurt.  Your words. Are like knives sharpen for the cutting of me.   
My book of life     My life is a book and if you decide to check it out pleases read the back to see what it's about.   
Breathing.  We take it for granted because we have always had it.  It as in clean air.  Air that we all share. We as in the 7.5 million human beings that inhabit the earth. 
Lie    Who am I to criticizes those who lie? Because I lie too.  Probably more than they do.  I lie just to get by.  I lie when I say I'm ok though I'm dying inside, about to cry. 
Poison.    Rushing through your veins.  Quickening your pulse.  Killing you soft and slow. What could be worst?   They told me not to drink or take pills. 
    I'm a writer.  I'm a speaker too.  But there's a difference between the two. 
  Sometimes I doubt there is a god and then I think of us two.    7.5 billion people on earth and god brought me to you.   
I'm rich.   I may not have more than 20 dollars in my wallet.  And my Health my not always be 100%.  But  I have a mother and a father.  That makes two parents. 
School is full of stress Which makes me depressed Took so many test that I am at the point of unrest. 
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