The truth...

Tue, 06/18/2019 - 19:17 -- AnayaM

Highschool? Oh please.

I passed exams with ease.

Go home, catch some Zs.

I thought to myself, college will be a breeze.

Grad parties were tons of fun.

It was nice being a lazy bum.

May 29, 2018.

Time to head to the college of my dreams.

Day 1: unpacked and in my new dorm.

Day 2: all alone... This is a shitstorm.

I’m losing myself in this world.

Spiraling into a wormhole.

In my bed, I dried my tears.

Why all these fears?

My parents never seemed to have such problems.

I thought these fears were fake, like goblins.

This must be a mix-up.

Or maybe ... I’m growing up.

Growing into my skin,

I realized; sometimes I can’t win.

Months and months have passed me by.

Less and less I seem to cry.

Insecure and unsure is how I was before.

Now I boldly sha-say through the door.

Life teaches you a lot about yourself.

No need to grab a book on the shelf.

My biggest advice:

Is to just live life,

Don't think twice,

And be nice.


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