Trust Issues


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Trust Issues

I loved him
I thought we were forever
But he had someone else
He thought he was clever

He must think I was stupid
Cuz he was with her by his locker
So I walked up to him
And said oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to be a cock-blocker

He said he was sorry
But I didn't care to hear
I was so heartbroken
And that was my biggest fear

That day I promised myself
That I will never trust boys
They are heartless
And they treat girls like toys

Time went by
I'm stronger than ever
But I still don't trust boys
Although people say nothing is forever

Eventually the phrase caught on
Cuz I met a guy
But I won't let this happen again
I would rather die

He made all of these promises
To be different from the rest
But I know all of it is BS
Cuz I've learned from the best

Although I have a wall up
He keeps on trying
He's actually very sweet
But he could be lying

I don't know what to do
Should I trust my heart or my mind
I keep thinking of how heartbroken I was
But my heart tells me he's so kind

He's been there for me
Even when I pushed him away
My ex would have left me
Both guys are like night and day

So I put my trust issues aside
Cuz not all guys are the same
Just cuz one boy broke my heart
That doesn't mean that all are to blame

Months go by
He's still here
He hasn't broken my heart
And our future seems clear


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