true me


In reality, I'm a very cruel person.

I don't like to show it though, for I'm afraid it'd scare others away.

I have little to no sympathy, I cannot empathize with others at all.

I'm afraid that I'm a sociopath, but by admitting that does that make me one at all?

I'll imagine death and think it's funny, does that make me evil?

Or is that normal teenage behavior, due to all the explicit images we see now day on the telly?

I'll see a dead bird and not mind at all, think the feathers are quite crooked.

But the girl beside me gasps and weeps, and I feel guilt for not feeling.

Life is life, but we are all equal.

There's too many people on earth anyway, what good is one or two?

I'm terrible selfish, I don't really care for others.

Unless they benefit me, but then I'll get bored.

I want to study criminals, but am I the one I'm seeking?

I'll agree and pity you, but inside I don't care at all.

By submitting this, I almost hope I don't win nothing,

For then everyone will know who I am.


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