True love

True love
There's a man who woke up one day
He found a letter where his true love once laid
it's been 2 years since she walked off
to where, he has no thought
he keeps the letter in his hand
the only piece of her he has left
every night he sits by the door
in hopes that she will come back home

he watches the video of the day the were Wed
his soul feels like it's dead
he curler's up on the couch and cries
he does this every night
his hair is falling off
because he hasn't slept at all
He's afraid of his dreams
because it not what it seems

For when he wakes up
his love will be gone
he doesn't know what to do
he feels like such a fool
he can't believe she snuck away
it was like a slap in the face
to him his world has crumbled
now he only mumbles

he gets his chair by the door
the lord and behold
there a knocking at the door
he gets up to make sure
that it's not just in her head
he stands there to wait for the knock again
as he hears it he opens the door
then his eyes light up like never before

Then tears run down his face
his love is showing her embrace
she's opens up her arms
grabs hold like a tight mason jar
the hold each other big and tight
this is a wonderful sight
that love can never be broken

this is story of the moment
when even after she left
it was never the end but a test
to prove that love is the strongest
it can bring someone back
no matter the consequence
and now the story will end
with ha a happy end

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