Where am I?

The question we always ask. Trapped in a box wearing just a gas mask.

Let me out. I can barely breathe.

I want to be me, but you don’t fucking agree?

My mom always said “Be Strong and Be True!”

“Love all and be You”


I love to watch Pocahontas sing about “Colors of The Wind”

Bear in mind, and no pun attended, but

She sings of equality, peace, discrimination ending.

How is that a character so far in history?

Understands so much better,

Of our GOD damn liberty.


Trapped like light in a dark room,

Trapped like a seed underneath a concrete floor.

I need someone please, free me from this hold.

How will I grow if I’m always cold?

I need a light, I need some air

I need acceptance, I need a prayer.

I want love and I want to react,

Please I beg you, I don’t want to be trapped.

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