A Transcendent Year

The last year turned my life around
Into something new and unexpected.

My sixteenth birthday was a turning point
When life got quite a bit more serious.
Leaving to college in only a couple of years
Became a reality.
The realization that friends I'd made
Would soon go their separate ways.
Who knew life could get so tough?
And dreams take shape, the world
Becomes an open canvas.
Life begins putting itself in perspective
And the world becomes clear.
Learning is no longer a detriment
But an avenue to a better world.
A junior in high school, scholarship and involvement
Are constantly in pursuit.
Life itself, and purpose, becomes so real.
I ask "who will I be
In thirty short years?"
"Will I have changed the worldOr done nothing at all?" 
"And who *can* I be?"
"To what extent does my potential reach?"
"Who am I, after all?"
"And who will I soon be?"
I have aspirations to travel across the country
To Chicago, to go to college.
The challenge is tenfold. 
The southern climate I am accustomed to
Is much different from the chilly north.
To pay for such a venture, furthermore,
Is a challenge all its own.
But I won't let that stop me.
These are the dreams I've established
In the past year,
A transcendent year.

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