off topic

I'm not going to write about you anymore

I can't

they're all sick of you and

it's all my fault

when I talk about you I want to scream

that they're not listening

they don't pay attention anymore

they're tired of me going on about your excellence

it was cool in the beginning

the crush I had they supported

      he held my hand today

          Oh he definitely likes you

      he tells me of his family

          why aren't you dating yet

yet here we are

and we're dating

and they're struggling

drama is suddeny appearing

and I cant seem to stop talking about you

new music new movies

new crushes

i cant get into them

i try to think faster and

get you out of my mouth

out of the conversation

i stp looking a my grammar and i stop

checking all the spellings

i have to stop talking about you

before i lose them

i have to hang out with them

paying you too much attention

its like im suffocationg them with my absense

i think my spelling is going downhill

my grades look up amd miss me

im typing faster and faster

i want to be done and facetime you

i want to text that i love you

but i need to stop talkting to you

or im goi g to want to talk about youo

to them, and they 

t=dontwant to hear anbout you

at this point they lnow as much as i do

and theyre 


but im  not

and thats dangerous

So I need to stop talking about-

Hey, that reminds me,

what's new with you?

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