To Tokyo:

Thu, 01/11/2018 - 17:14 -- kjquick

Oh, how it’s been too long

since I last heard your cherry blossom’s song.

I miss the way you look,

snow here, sun there, and my heart you took.

Remember when we first met?

Oh, how could I forget?

We sang through the subways

and danced through our first days.

The way your bay shined

gave my soul peace of mind.

Oh, how I found myself in you

and felt brand new.

The hole in my heart was then filled,

and my capacity to love started to rebuild.

I don’t think you know

Oh, how you helped me grow.


But you do know of how I ache

when my memories of you fade

and I feel so lonely I’m afraid

Is this it? Is this heartbreak?

Heartbreak no longer shines in his eyes,

it shines in pictures of your oceans.

I don’t want to feel these emotions.

I don’t miss you ― forgive me for these lies.


Forgive me for leaving you behind

for I did not know I could be so unkind,

to leave myself there.

I will come back for myself I swear.

Until then, prepare for your spring.

Oh, how your cherry blossoms will sing.

Wait until I get to you, don’t let your song end.

Sincerely, your old friend.


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Absolutely lovely! 


Thank you!

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