& together we will

My mind filled with so many thoughts

Heart filled with hurt that won’t stop

So young but forced to grow so fast

No time to be a kid or dwell on the past

Within an instant my life began to crumble

And I try to make the time to scramble through the rubble,

That clutters my mind

But no time for sleep, no time for crying

Because one day it will all come together

And I’ll look at the sky and see all the birds flock together

In a pattern that can only make me smile

As if I looked up and saw my granny staring down

With such strength and determination

I’m only steps from my goal

I never lose sight of what I’m here to do on this world

Endured hurt that makes me feel others pain

That has guided me down the path to fix this corrupt earth we claim

I started from the bottom and I’m attempting to reach the top

With both hands out to my people

Just know I’ll never stop,

We’ll never stop.

Cause together we can

And together we will.

If you’re ready then I’m ready

It’s time to let the world see the memories we’ve built.  


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