Today IS Tomorrow


Today is today, I mean that's what everyone says. But today is the day that I hide , in the shadows, faces of you are revealed in my sight. I'm afraid to ever walk in those steel doors, because with me you have no insight. You are the darkness the evil I am faced with.  Today is never today, its a forever and never ending day of terror. Who are you ? You're my bully. To you I surrender. I'm such a pretender. I smile as if I have nothing to fear through these solid yellow doors. Why do you put me through this humility? I haven't hurt you, like you hurt me. They all say it'll be okay tomorrow, but today is tomorrow, today was yesterday, and today is the day I resign. Never to have to deal with this madness again. Nobody's seen the signs, nobody knows what I think, how my heart sinks when I see you're face, I have to get out of this place. Days never end with an oppressor. but I am not a confessor. They always say it'll get better tomorrow. But today is tomorrow, tomorrow is today, just like yesterday. And today you will make plans to lay me six feet deep.

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