The Title is Hidden, Few Find it

Tue, 04/10/2018 - 10:51 -- B.S

     do you think i'm stuPid? did yOu Really think i wouldN't find out? you told me you quit months ago but, i had my doubts. i didn't asK you to stop because I wanted to controL you. you toLd me about it before, why are you hiding it now? it hurtS, am i not enough for you? alL i have done is shOwn loVe to you and support you. hElp me understand. Please, i am nOt suRe i can do this aNymore. i can't Keep pretendIng you care, that you Love me when clearLy don't. what reason do you have to hide it again unleSs you weren't pLanning On quitting? i've tried to ignore it but i can't any longer, this is goodbyE. 

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