Time waits for no oneAnd

Time waits for no one

And I stand still, frozen,

Unable to keep up.

I chase and chase,

Yet the seconds speed up.

Round and round, the seconds speed up.

Minute by minute, the distance widens.

The gap is a gulf.

It's a canyon I will never cross.


Left behind, left in limbo.

Directionless, up-side down, down-side up.

I want to back track

And rewind the ill-fated steps I have taken.

The hesitations that led to indecisions;

The moments that needed thought,

The ones requiring heart,

The reckless and spontaneous.


But life waits for no one.

Stuck in the Sahara of time,

Fruitlessly running in place,

Unable to escape the void which imprisons me. 

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