Time To Speak Out


I could never understand
How someone could see the fear in your eyes,
Hear the tremble in your voice,
Understand the falsity of your choked out laugh
And still look down at you with cold, laughing eyes
Now imagine that
Multiplied by three
Three of them
Holding me down,
Their voices freezing the blood in my veins like ice
Their words snaking through my mind
"We won't tell anyone,
But since we have the recording
You'll do what we tell you."
Struggling to get away
On the brink of tears
Short, gaspings breaths
"If you don't do it,
We'll show the video to everyone."
Finally giving in, 
Breaking down
Watching them high five as I sunk down
I couldn't sink any lower, or so I thought
The next day the rumors flew
Their eyes all watching me
The same cold, laughing eyes multiplied to 300
"I can't believe she took 3 guys in one day,"
They whispered, they jeered, they snarled
"Slut," cough cough, "Whore"
Too ashamed, too indignant, too embarassed to respond
I kept my mouth shut then
But now I'm speaking out


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