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Everybody is going through some shit right now. Trying to figure out how they're going to dig them selves out, and the shovel that they need nobody can afford. And, It really makes you wonder what this life's for?
It's hard to sit here and stay quiet. It's hard to sit here and be silent. Being alive should mean being proud It should mean being loud Standing up for yourself Being strong for myself Yet here I am.
You dont understand what you doin to me Should I spell it out for you to see Death means absolutely nothin to me Imma keep doin what I do, it sets me free     From all the pain and humiliation in the past
Hush Hush It's not time to talk You are making no sense just go for a walk Hush Hush You're speaking too loud Lower that confidence you seem very proud Hush Hush Leave it to adults
To all the self-centered people who are blue I understand you go through stuff However, others go through them too  And you have to remember it’s not only about you
You say you love me but keep your hands raised to beat me   Your words cutting at me deeper deteriorating my confidence so you can decorate it and show it off like a Christmas tree 
FLASH. Sticks and stones may Break your bones, But my words will surely Hurt you. FLASH.
The wind will blow away my sin Copper devils wait in the tall grass I walk on doves feet across the clouds Fallow my feelings little fish Sing about rain I sometimes wish I was a monster
Screaming bloody murder, but no one can hear the cries Cannot hold on forever, can hardly put up a fight Locked inside a cold room, lying on the hard floor Beaten in the gloom, here be he prisoners of war
Don't be a brat! BAM BAM Stop being stupid! BAM BAM You need to learn! BAM BAM Don't fucking talk to me!
Hearing the screaming and shouting in my house, I don't know what to do but grip my blouse.   I used to think "This is where it all ends", But I looked past that and started to ascend.  
Let your fingers explore the wonderful crevices of the globe, sitting aside pen holders, paper cups, things made of the earth. Your fingertips smile at the notion that they can “see”  
Mom tri
  My shorts are not an invitation For your hands to roam my thighs And my sassiness is no reason For you to ignore my reluctant cries My exposed skin is not shouting "Come on; there's more to see!"
Sir no sir.                                                                                   Please leave me alone sir. Let me sleep sir.. This isn't rite please don't touch me.... I'm only 11; you're 50..
Its not my fault mom didn't love you
Sick heart, dripping with gasoline, fueled by the cigarettes thrown like darts the whip’s bullseye that tore her apart, innocent and caged, helpless to cleanse itself, gives in to the rage,
There is no use fighting it.  Instinct. It’s inside us.
I couldn't cure cancer, I'm not the next Steve Jobs and I will never write a best-selling novel. But I am not stupid. Why, then, do adults shake my opinions off?  Does my age define my maturity?
I can do a push-up.Not the modified, girl kind;The "boy" ones, with my feet and all.But this is not a poem about me.  
I'm confused I dont know if i should love you or hate you you never felts my mom's pain
From Fighting To Not Be A White Mans Slave , To Fighting For EVERY Right Thats "Granted" To "ALL" Americans , Why Are We Fighting Each Other ? Why Are We Killing OUR People ?
I have a dream that one day equality will mean just that. Marriage is a right for everyone. I have a dream that one day discrimination will no longer exist.
  Our generation is composed of those who just want to fit in It's sad when we live among those who think losing your virginity isn't such a dangerous sin
Look me in the eye and tell me we aren't the same,
Scared out of my mind, I'm about to shout
I could never understand How someone could see the fear in your eyes, Hear the tremble in your voice, Understand the falsity of your choked out laugh
First day of high-school and you are roaming the halls There is no one around, no one to call. You hear the popular girls laughing at you to your right  But you don't even care, they dont even bite. 
These words were never meant to fall upon death ears These words were meant for battle These words were meant for war NO, we will not stand by and let our voices be silenced
She can taste the blood in the corner of her mouth From when she was tripped during a struggle to the door The iron taste to accompany the scarred ford From when she “fell down the stairs” at the home of her “love”
As the moon swells from still waters below The sky turns a dark indigo Yet another calm night has granted us rest And blest are those who soundlessly sleep
Intimidated by the overgrowing sounds My mouth smothered by a trembling fear My voice lost in the jungle of words A feeling of regret blooming in my throat
I can't help it but to feel Times wasting away. With me sitting here Without words to say; With everything to say. This little voice of mine With big things to portray, In such a loud place around.
Suffocating in darkness As a diseased light paved my way I attempted to scale the barriers That separated me from the outside where life thrived
Pretty young girl named Cree Her boyfriend always giving her the third degree "Who you with?" "Where you at?" When he doesn't get the right answer he hits her with a bat How is that? She says she love him like crazy
I am from a broken home. Where I had to raise myself and protect my family. I am from a house of lies. Where my parents never felt love for one another, but stayed in it for me.
Never had to talk and never wanted to talk Had any problems, kept them to myself Problems with myself, the surrounding, our world, key and lock But I can’t handle this and no one else will tell
Here's to the parents who think they're always right, and here's to the mem'ries that keep you up at night. Here's to the days when you can't find the light, and here's to the demons
You are human Whether your name is Gerry Truman Or Lindsey Thomas. We are all alike, this I promise Resolute in our being There is no need for bleeding We can't change the facts
silent as a barn mouse swift as the wind sheer as the bride’s veil sinking once again and she’s vacant in the room now evanescent wind voicingnothingsilently veering from the bend
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