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Dear Blank, You are the alarm I groan at when I'm waking, you are the cream shower wall that is an audience to my singing. You are the empty space I yell at after school,
I hear the ticking of a clock as time passes The weight of the clock rests on my heart Its ticks sending vibrations to my very core The ticks never ending, never faltering  
I drink, I drone, My future unknown. Coffee helps with the moan, And early morning foam. To college I’ve shown, Myself a new home, Though to graduate alone, Brings itself a sad tone.
Beep, Beep, Beep Waking from another Sleep Pitter-Patter, Teeth-Chatter as I scramble out of the bed By a secret whisperer I am led I am not disillusioned by no means As I rise from my future dreams
I “Nothing is set in stone; besides, I don’t even know what I want. I don’t care about your hopes and dreams; my needs matter so much more.”   II
  I stand, my hands cup my face, lifted upwards to embrace the flood of water. Head tilted back, eyes closed: only the incessant drum of droplets, the clouds of steam that engulfs the soul,
The early mornings, The seeing people I don’t even like, The dry erase markers, The fake "miss you sooooo much" friends. Great. It’s "Time for School!" once again. Time for lecture after lecture,
Plan the necessary steps to get closer to your goal. Emerge from a bad experience only looking at the situation as a lesson instead of a mistake.
My father had once told me you'll never know just what you'll be even with the end in sight just before the end of night dont jump too soon, because you'll fall just hang on tight, fight through it all
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