The Time Is NOW!!


Everyday I'm living, going through the motions without any devotions, trying to fly but cannot deny it's hard to live and it's hard to fight


With the weight on my shoulders, with the struggle to be best. With the war in my head, with the pain in my chest. and as it washes over me I feel like I might drown, with no one in sight and unable to make a sound. Trying to live, knowing I'm supposed to die, trying to obtain love, knowing I won't survive. I look around and I'm all alone. But that will never stop me from being my own


Depression may suck, but it's all I got. Using it to write these stupid things I hate and now it's become the way I operate. The rhythm I feel, the music that heals, forever in my head and i will always let it flow, the way that music makes me feel like nobody knows.

And I cannot wait! For the day I will see, when I'm finally free and able to breathe, knowing I left a legacy, at last I'm able, with pride in my chest, look at the sunset and know i did my very best! No matter what I won't quit, no matter what I won't back down, I'm not afraid anymore, I'm through with being scared, I'm through letting others tell me what  to be. I will finally be me! And no one will ever take that away from me!! And as I finish my journey, I want you to know, that I won't ever blame you for never seeing it before, the fire that I hid for so long, blazing away all shame and it's gone.

So be who you want to be, be who you love, love what you do and never give up. Know, that life isn't just about getting back up, it's about being able to laugh at the things you do, the things that happened to you. Because laughter can heal all and it certainly does for me, it raised me up and led me to believe, that I will always, always strive to be the best me there can be, and to embrace my originality. So as I leave you here at last, I want you all to know, that you should never give up hope, and let your fire grow, because it's your driving force and you can't ignore, the life given to you to prove your worth.


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