Time for the Future

the "tick tick tick" echo is my mind

the bass of the soundtrack for the last year

"hurry hurry!" the clock whispers

as the future rushes towards me

my hands being to shake as I type

essay after essay

test score after test score

"you are more than this" I whisper to myself

"you've become pretty good at doing things last-minute" thanks

put on a smile and tell them you need this

you need this education

make them understand that you can't afford it or afford to live without it

this is your life: try harder

sleep less, drink more coffee

self-discovery through accidents

freedom can only come with adrenaline

but is constantly plagued with anxiety

you are strong, stronger than before

there was bravery through the sorrow

of finally learning the value of your family

try to smile when things go right

take a break, eventually

look back and wonder when this will get less stressful

look back and pray


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