The Time to Change

Change is always around us

Change is everywhere

It happens every day, but sometimes we hardly notice

The temperature, the shape of the clouds, and change even arises from tectonic plate movement.

We all wish we had the power to change anything

We all wish we could make a perfect world

We all wish to enhance our needs and desires

One thing, I believe that we need is


Time is valuable to all of us

We need time for everything

Study, rest, eating too

If time were changed we could have so much:

More time to study

More time to rest

More time for our loved ones.

We all have sacrificed one for the other and enough is enough!

If time was manipulated to be longer well gosh, imagine how much more knowledge could be obtained

How much more we could see our beloved grandparents, siblings, and friends.

Time is a value greater than many others

Without it, we have nothing

If you wish to grant me one request the only one thing I ask: more time to complete my tasks


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