Tic, toc, tic...
The infinite sounds of time
The infinite turning of the hands
The withered leaves
The abandoned buildings that used to be
The house of celebrations
Suddenly barren and empty
It moves swiftly
It moves slowly
Well, which is it?
Slowly in the midst of boredom
slower in the midst of negativity
Quickly in the midst of fun
Quicker in the midst of deep joy
The ageless sun goes down
 and glows upon the earth
As hairs of the elders grow grayer and
The crawls of the infant transforms into an upright walk
The green leaves turn to gold
As summer become autumn 
As  autumn  become winter,
The leaves shall wither and fall
The wilted leaves, like wrinkled skin
Young sun kissed skin crack by winter's end
 Young eyes become old
Innocent, unadulterated souls become tainted
 Knowledge turns to wisdom and then
Life is suddenly the beginning of death.


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