Tick TockYou hear a clockYou


Tick Tock

You hear a clock

You ache, you moan

“Why? Oh Why?”


Tick Tock

No one is coming

There is a fly in here

No one is coming


Tick Tock

“Where is everyone?”

No one is there

And you’re starving


Tick Tock

Food appears before you

Not until your sheets are soiled

Someone comes


Tick Tock

“Is that the only way?”

Screams come from the hall

I am lost, I am alone


Tick Tock

The giant in white came to me

“You need to get up”

He said tapping my forehead


Tick Tock

Time means nothing

Not in this place

Just numbers in some orbital shape



Tick Tock

“Why won’t it stop?”

I remember happy times

I want them back


Tick Tock

“No, I guess it wont stop.”

Where is my love?

They should be here!

Tick Tock

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