Tick Tock

Tick, tock, dark thirty, the clock summons the block
Smoke funneled, now comes around in the name of honor
Yes, your honor, scaled to clams open with pearls
The father’s nature unfurled, bacon on the mast
Choppers blast scams on speed dial, a b-lined trance
Hurry with the chairs, take no chance, do not allow the enemy to advance
Keep the lights dim until the death of us
A vice to come to grips against a wretched bust
Tag’em and bag’em, rush home, where peace’s condoned
The bell rings at 7, 19 go bye, then freedom in 11
The ears have been at it since putting toys up in the attic
Obsessed with how many lashes would be batted if something drastic…
Vests are passed out, the heartthrobs employed
A pledged ascent halts envoys, sympathetic to the madness
A bull entered a china shop touting a need for help
A finger and a thumb holding hostages to melt


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