Stupidity is what makes me tick

Or maybe it's the way people spit

Everyone expects you to be better than the last

You want me to get straight A's and be top of my class

Now that I think about it that's not it

It's when people talk and sound so ignorant

This generation is always said to be the worse

But the way you're raising us doesn't seem to work

Bullying also makes me mad

Although people treat it as if it's a fad

Until someone takes their own life away

Then it's a tragedy that now deserves the time of day

Wait, that's also not it

It's when people tell you to shoot for the sky

Then turn around and say you don't have wings and can't fly

All my dreams disappear at glance

And you say I didn't even have a chance

You know what really makes me sick

When people look at me and don't think I'm articulate

They look at me as if I committed a crime

As if they are a judge and are sentencing me to jail time

Hypocrites also make me want to scream

The way they flip flop as if on the U.S. gymnastics team

They never mean what they say or say what they mean

Trying to practice what they preach

But turn around and can't remember their twisted speech

Now I believe that's it

These are the things that make me tick

Even though this list is very refined

I just thought I would speak a little of my mind
















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