Through The Sky

Through the sky Death shall rise,

On rotten wings will he fly.

With the stench of torture on his clothes,

He sends Fear into all his foes.

Though he fights with his dreaded scythe,

If you’re fast you may survive.

He will summon Darkness, his deadly pet,

It will be eager to repay its debt.

With his companions, Darkness and Fear,

Death will take every seer.

Last of all, his master sighs,

Through the sky Death shall rise.


Through the sky Pain shall soar,

And plague the world forevermore.

Though she won’t be strong as Death,

She’ll still take millions with every breath.

Her cunning will far exceed Death’s mind,

Fear will join her, to kill mankind.

Their strength will grow with Darkness’ aid,

For his debt is not yet paid.

She will enslave all of humanity,

By playing with everyone’s sanity.

She will rewrite Earthen lore,

Through the sky Pain shall soar.


Through the sky Fear will take over,

Even the strong won’t keep their composure.

He’ll have learned from his previous masters,

And he’ll cause many unnatural disasters.

The world’s skies will no longer be clear,

As it becomes blackened by the power of Fear.

Darkness’ might will again be weighed,

But beware, for his debt is nearly paid.

With Darkness at his beck and call,

Fear will invade and conquer all.

The weapons of men will have no effect,

And those that try will end up wrecked.

But eventually even Fear will grow older,

Through the sky Fear will take over.


Through the sky Darkness’ debt will be paid,

And he’ll kill Fear, to whom he was enslaved.

He’ll turn his gaze upon the world,

And his true power will be unfurled.

He’ll blanket the sky with his deadly touch,

And in his claws, mankind will be clutched.

Because he is no longer under his debt,

His power will become an unopposable threat.

He’ll cover everything in pitch-black night,

None will escape his infinite sight.

He’ll unleash his fury on those that kept him imprisoned

And with his newfound power the streets will run crimson.

He’ll be an unstable leader with a steady throne,

But Darkness will rule all alone.

Once nearly all life on Earth is razed,

Through the sky Darkness’ debt will be paid.


Through the sky Depression shall emerge,

Deceiving the world with his mournful dirge.

With Darkness his fate is entwined,

As he deceives the rest of mankind.

He builds an army from the last humans alive,

And the assault upon Darkness will finally thrive.

Once Darkness is conquered, Depression will reign,

His rule will be harsh and many will be slain.

All of the promises he gave to mankind,

He’ll break them and blame it on their own minds.

He’ll tell them they’re stupid, and not worth his time,

Then he’ll begin to kill them from the inside.

Mankind will fall down, slow but sure,

But still they’ll believe his intentions were pure

And even though he’s humanity’s scourge,

Through the sky Depression shall emerge.


Through the sky Hope shall flutter,

And chase Depression out of the clutter.

She will heal mankind’s broken heart,

And while they rebuild, she’ll play her part.

When men become broken, and Depression comes near,

Hope will replace every seer.

They’ll stand tall beside her, with the sun at their backs,

And the world will see her beautiful acts.

All will finally be well, and Hope’s job will be finished,

But her role among men will never be diminished.

Even when their path seems bleak,

They think of Hope to reach the peak.

Once Hope has closed Depression’s shutter,

Through the sky Hope shall flutter.


Through the sky Light will close

The enemies of the past he will oppose.

Penetrating the last shreds of Darkness,

Light will at first seem heartless,

But soon enough mankind will see,

That Light is only there to set them free.

He’ll remove the shackles that the past had made,

And protect the world with his shining blade.

Through peaceful times and burning war,

Light will return the forgotten lore.

He’s fast and smart, humble and strong,

But he knows he can’t protect them for long.

As on his coffin, mankind lays a rose,

Through the sky Light will close.


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