Three peas in a pod

Without you there is no me. 

The way you two make my heart glisten like a rushing stream.


You watched me grow,

Always putting up with me when I yelled "No!"

The little punk I was, you simply loved. 


It sounds silly to say,

but I’m happy to proclaim,

even if you forget I’m blonde, 

I’m in awe.


Of the way you see me

recognizing that without me, well I’m not me.

Of the way you support my individuality

in it’s totality.


In the way you give me freedom to express myself,

you never cease to show me that it’s okay to be yourself.


Of the way you show me Jesus in the littlest things you do,

Like the unconditional loving of others and the selfless giving to get me through. 


Of the way you put family first. 

Family dinner every night growing up,

It truly was what held me up. 


Although not always appreciative of the fact,

You two have honestly made the most impact. 


Catering to my every need,

You planted that first seed. 

The first seed that grew me into who I am today, 

And the seed that brought me home when I was astray. 


I said it once but I'll say it again,

Without you there is no me.

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