Don't let your guard down...

Everyone is coming, hitting me left and right

Fists of emotional fury, is there a way out? 

How did i come in?

There might be a key... but what do i have to pay to get it?

There is a door... but where is the missing knob?

Or maybe who is the missing knob?

Angles? I believe in angles...

I believe that one day an angle will spare me its wings so I can simply fly away from this war.

To fly. To fly is an magical thing.

I wish I could fly.

Fly away from stress, critism, judge mental people and wrost of all... worthlessness.

Worth is a sick joke to human kind.

Nobody is worthy, but everyone is capable

Is life worthy? Why live life if there is no life to live?

Think about it...

This poem is about: 
Our world


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