The thought doesn't cross the mind

The thought doesn't cross my mind often
But I must admit, without you, I'd be in a coffin
You'd give me lectures and discipline
In which you'd always win

Yes, a shame I havent thought about it much
But for a while I thought you lost your touch
I must be mistaken, I must be a fool
Because I'll admit mom, you're friggin cool

Though we may bicker, we may yell
We may hid things we wish not to tell
But despite of monthly disagreements
If not for you, I'd never would've earn my achievements

For you're my mentor, you're my grace
And you're probably the one who gave me this face
But jokes aside, time for truthful time
You, my mother are the one that makes me shine

As said before, you're my mentor, the one I owe
As you've been with me through the whole show
I am truly thankful for you

To my mother, from her daughter

This poem is about: 
My family


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