'family' mother

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Padre nuestro que estás en el cielo, santificado sea su nombre -Por favor no me creas inútil o pérdida,Trato, estoy tratando de ser mejor.Ay, papá,
You left me  You made me sad and depress  you were the most important person in my life  Yet you abandoned me  I wish things could go back  I wish i didnt love you as much  Should i forgive you ?
Blonde hair, beachside, best smile, bright mind Strong will, steady life Something I couldn’t see when you were by my side Please just a little more time to catch your wise
I have never been a lion I know that, I recognize the silence that seeps from my skin Always in the hidden corners of my mind but sometimes, I think my quiet is deceiving  I don't roar my convictions
The thought doesn't cross my mind often But I must admit, without you, I'd be in a coffin You'd give me lectures and discipline In which you'd always win
She tried. I don’t know if that means anything the way that she says trying doesn’t matter if you don’t accomplish it. I have nowhere else to look. We argue and misunderstand. To hope for more would be asking for less.
My rabbi makes me feel better about being alive, my rabbi takes the hits of life when I do not wish  to thrive anymore. My rabbi tells me about "back when I was a girl" and how "if I can do it then you can do it."
Hello.  Is anyone there?  Does someone hear me?  I guess not.  Mom?  Yes honey?  I am scared  I know, it's okay  Mom?  Yes honey?  I miss you 
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