To Those Staring

You might think you aren't seen

You might think I'm unaware

But I know those looks all too well

The stares and glances

The whispers behind hands

The words "Is that a boy or girl?"

Don't think I can't see

Don't think I can't hear


To Those Staring

Do I personally bother you?

Do I question who YOU are?

Do I look that strange?


To Those Staring

The ones brave enough to question

To come up to me and ask

If I am female or male

Should it matter?


To Those Staring

All I ask of you

Please Stop

I am happy how I am

So let me be 

Let me walk down the street

Without fear of gawking

Without fear of being stopped


To Those Staring

Don't whisper

Don't question

Go on with you're life

And so will I


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