Think Twice Before You Speak


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Uncomfortable situation to say the least Babying her immaturity The silent treatment feels like a cold hard slap to the face And for what? Weeping and raging What does that accomplish? Only the satisfaction you cant achieve Venting while peering through your Vaseline coated sunglasses Spewing arrogance only adds to my annoyance Egotistic expression I'm ready to explode If I wanted drama I'd watch a play or maybe a movie I don't want to live in your problems Hypocritical pessimistic views so twisted they're almost incoherent Your bitching causing this bubbling in my gut Disgust You’re so blind from the big picture. Don’t you even care how you portray yourself? Or shall I say let your true colors show You wear this facade of being all loving but you set fire to other peoples happiness Smiling at the flames dancing around the destruction And feed off of the ashes as if what preceded wasn't enough But I forgot you're never wrong I second-guess myself Checking my answers but its the question that's fucked Contradictive self-inflictive My zippered lips on the verge of breaking Cringing at your passion and belief in your "cause" to destroy me Itching at the opportunity to scream "DO YOU HEAR WHAT YOU'RE SAYING?!" Changing your argument only realizing your caught in a lie Self-incriminating words leak from your unscrupulous tongue I wont endure your purgatory You are only a perpetrator brainwashing others to join your bandwagon against me Feeding them falsities You have not perfected your art as much as I have been able to expose its weaknesses If I had the decency to give you one last favor I'd give you some advice Please think twice before you speak, before you get so wrapped up in envy, before you get lost in grief And by that I mean I'm done listening and enduring deceit So from this moment on you're dead to me.


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