Things I Should've Said

I wrote you a letter two years ago that I never gave you. 

In the letter I said that I loved you. 

I wish I could tell you that!


I wrote and I wrote and I wrote, until my arm felt like elsatic. 

When i finally finished writing, I burned it. 

I burned it to ashes, so i could burn my feelings, 

so that i could omit any possible emotions that had me bound to you.

I burned them.

They were supposed to be gone, but like a boomarang they came tf back. 


Im angry.

Angry, because you built me up to tear me down.

You had the entire nerve to disect my mind and body then dissapear into your own corrupt universe.  


I never wanted revenge.

I know Karma when i see her.

She wanted revenge. 


Im sorry you felt the way you felt in the exact moment you left me wilting in the very pot you watered daily. 

Im sorry you loved me, Im sorry I didnt know. Im sorry I loved you, Im sorry you didnt know. 

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