At parties,

I will do some freaky dances

with calories

cus I’m like nutella

dark, chocolate,

and nutty. 


I’m not one to hide my love of food, 

in front of you, I’ll demolish a 

succulent sundae, 

murk a milkshake, 

fuck up some french fries, 

This addictive relationship is evident whenever 

the doctor tells me I’m overweight. 

I love food though, 

and I’ve only grown closer to it

since I know what it’s like it to go without it.

I have gained a heavy weight of living 

finding comfort in the food I consume, 

It’s life that has made me what I am.


I am…

not fat,

not that false antonym to skinny with such a negative connotation 

that the denotation has been forgotten


the word Fat is a corset constricting my vision of beauty 

into an artificial hourglass

what’s in the mirror on one side 

and what’s in the magazine on the other



shaping fat into a stigma.

This constant pressure 

only builds the fire inside of me.

So I can break free


I am not someone for someone else to label. 

BBW, big black woman?

Big beautiful woman, 

just know that I am a woman, 

not a damn acronym

Yet I am most accurately defined by my


Bitch Am I, someone to call unhealthy?

I am more than that, 

I am happy. 

I am thicc.


with a C not a K



My flab is fabulously fashioned

 in the style of me, 


I can find, 

peace in a 10 piece.

With the wings on my eyes and arms,

I now have courage to soar through a world 

where being a big woman is seen as not ok.


What I am is more than an appearance,

it’s a personality.


Thicc skin 

gives me the confidence to wear dresses

Thicc skin

hides my anxiety while I speak

 in front of crowds

Thicc skin

protected me while I was homeless



Thicc skin

tougher than any hardship 

that got you into this tight situation

from depression to diabetes. 


Your weight has enough force 

to bring the whole world to it’s knees 

So Bow Down!



who endure every stereotype

about being fat

stand up and let your thighs clap

to the thunder 

of our hearts

when we scream 

“We are THICC!”

Our character is bigger than small,


Our beauty is subjective,

but subjected to every insults of those who can’t handle these handles.

But we can take it,

because we are 


Our strength is immense


try not to burn down the stores that don’t sell clothes in our size,

We don’t need black to make us look slimmer

I’ve been black all my life

I still look the same

I still feel the same



Say it with me 


This poem is about: 
My community


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