They See What They Want To See

The same weird looks I receive when people hear my last name are the same ones I get when people get to know me.
People think they know me but they don’t know me as well as they know their ABCs 123s.
The reason being is because I chose to hide behind the curtain,
the chances of them being satisfied with the real me isn’t too certain.
People only see what they want to see,
it can be the pretty, ugly, loud, nice, whichever side that is of me.
You damn right I can get crazy but I do have a sensitive side to,
I’m the perfect go to girl to cheer you up whenever you have the blues.
I’ve been through it all so I know about it all meaning I will understand you and not belittle you,
I’ve dealt with more things than what your mouth could chew.
But people think I may not always care or I won’t understand,
they think I’m too out of it and that I must do whenever they demand.
But that’s not the case because that isn’t me, they don’t get to realize the real me,
Even with me showing them every true feature I hold, that’s only the side they choose to see.
They only see what they want to see, whichever side they please.
It’s been said “you only have 10 seconds of a first impression”
In those seconds I show them what they only want to see, like I've mentioned.
So since they see what they want to see,
I always take the initiative to present which side of me they should see.
I do it to avoid all the weird faces and unnecessary comments,
I’d rather have them feeling happy with silly and nice moments.
Moments of me being the kind of girl that they like,
Even though deciding how to present myself to them is a big fuss and fight.
At the end of the day it happens to us all,
To show what kind of "us" just to save us from freaking out over nonsense and having a bad fall.


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