They call it Betrayal

If failure had a word,
I guess it would be me,
You crushed me,
Destroyed my confidence,
When you didn't even give me a chance.
What do you know about hardship?
About art?
I trusted you with everything,
Supported you no matter what,
But at the end,
You betrayed me,
Made me doubt who I am.

I guess this is what failure looks like,
I am the definition of it,
According to you at least,
But my true friends,
The one that have my back,
They call me
And that is who I truly am.

You can eat your words,
Just disappear,
I found better people,
And to me,
You are now
With a hint of Bittersweetness,
So goodbye Betrayal,
It was painful to meet you.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

betrayal is painful as you express your feelings behind this poem
you also learned how to heal by being around ppl that calls you a success
great job

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