These Broken Things

There are broken things in this world

Things torn assunder by apposing forces

And in the end

Someone, somewhere, always wants to fix it

No matter how small

Or how large

There's a smiling human

With needle and thread

Saying it won't hurt a bit

Just a few stitches and you'll be right as rain

No matter how much it bled

Or how much it hurts

Just a little needle and thread

Can fix the probelm right up.

And everything will be okay.

(Or so they say)

But the thing about broken things

Is that they've got sharp edges

And splinters

And slivers

They aren't always neat little tears

Needles and thread

Can't always fix gaping holes

And shattered things

Duct tape won't always mend

What "needs" fixing,

So sorry

Take your needle and thread elsewhere

These broken things

Had best stay the way they are

Because the help you offer

Does more harm then good


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