There is Nothing Left

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 22:49 -- cambam


United States
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They dressed me up like a Barbie doll,

told me beauty was in a box zero feet wide,

told me beauty was a 32D and skin that was sun-kissed but still pearly white


They told me my job was to look pretty

to be a face worthy of glorification.

they told me to shove my thoughts racing through my brain, rampant like a stallion in the wild, my thoughts that were my own and that could change the world

they told me to shove them deep down into a quiet part of my soul

every gear that turned in my brain was silenced and no amount of oil could get them running smoothly again


They told me that I was worthless because there were scars on my face

and tiger’s stripes on my legs

and weight on my stomach that cursed me with a size five

they told me to sit still and be quiet and become nothing

nothing but the wind whistling in one ear and out the other

because my only job was to look like they wanted me to look and think what they wanted me to think and become what they wanted me to become.


There is nothing left of me

I have been robbed of my happiness because society has told me happiness comes in

sizes 0-2

and the happiness involves me sitting still and being quiet and going back to the kitchen where I belong

the happiness is the silence of my voice as I am told to shut up because my opinion does not matter

it will never matter

because I am a girl and all girls are meant for are popping babies out every few years.


Girls are born more or less three dimensional.

Our bodies are, at least.

however we lose our dimensions, our depth, we lose our meaning because we exist as nothing more than a slave to a male’s fragile masculinity.

We are taught to sit still, let the men do their work, and be submissive

like a dog obeying it’s master, we are compliant because that is all we know how to do.


We are girls, and society says there is nothing more to us.





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