There is no Poem without ME: My Opinionated self

People talk about how opinions don’t matter but I think they do. I am united with my fellow poets as we embark on a journey leading us into deeper thoughts. You wonder what being a poet means to me, and I say everything. Being ignored was a lifestyle for me. Neglected with societal issues that I never thought would affect me, not only do they affect me but they protect me. These problems prevent me from speaking my mind in the wrong way, my poems grasp my tongue and release my mind to feel free to say whatever I want just as long as I have my pen and paper with me.


I am opinionated, my opinionated self. I am opinionated , my opinionated self.


Poetry has entered my life and it will never leave me. Expressing what I always wanted to say but never had the courage to, but still I am confident. Confident enough to know that I can make someone mad every day as they refuse to forgive my detailed Haiku. I am struck with the reluctance to give up, struck with the freedom of speech , I am struck with the ability to relinquish my tranquility that has been misunderstood for weakness.

This connection I have with pen and paper is something I won’t give up on. The pen is mightier than the sword disabling me to be powerless. I can be told that I have the mind of a maniac but I will only respond with an acronym for that. My figures of speech leave people clueless in a way that makes them think that I am crazy. I don’t talk much but I write a lot. I cautiously master the use of poetry to ease my mind and take me to places I’ve never been before while sitting at home. You ask why is poetry important to me, my answer is ;without poetry , there is no me and I love myself. Opinionated me.


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