There he sits


United States
34° 59' 40.1532" N, 81° 3' 12.186" W
United States
34° 59' 40.1532" N, 81° 3' 12.186" W

After my long night at work,

there you sit.

You look up at me with a smirk

and I just lose it.


I may look strong,

but on the inside Im dying.

Because these past four years have been long

and I am tired of trying.


Trying to get you to see.

That alcohol isn't the way.

But you continue to ignore me,

so for your sins you will pay.


I reveal my plans for college,

but our conversation runs astray.

With your irrelevent comments about sausage

and how you're going faraway.


This is serious,

but you could careless.

At this point your delirious,

raving about how your hairless.


I am at this point in life,

where I really need you.

It's important to get past our strife,

so I can continue my journey on through.


Your my father,

and I'll always love you.

But don't even bother.

If you won't help me pursue.


Because your selfish addiction,

has scarred me mentally.

Now I began my journey of nonfiction.

With you not involved in my destiny.




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