Their Mistake, My Life

I feel something warm and wet sliding down my face

I want to sit up, but I seem to be stuck in place

I've never imagined such a blinding pain

The cool ground beneath me is keeping me somewhat sane

The glass around me seems to shimmer underneath the moonlight

And I try to focus on it with all my might

Until a  man's battered cries from behind pierce the air

And I instantly feel anger because I don't think it's fair

He feels no remorse to my life so why should he even shed a tear?

It was his fault we ended up here

Living everyone's deepest on the road fear

Had he actually cared, he never would have driven home

While texting and talking on the phone


I feel my body becoming numb

And I can hear a siren's hypnotic hum

Despite it's proximity it's no lounder than a mouse

Scuttling around at night in a house

I then think of my mother and father

And how they will break this news to my dear baby brother

I should've listened to my mom, she had wanted me to stay home tonight

But I refused and now I regret that meaningless little fight

I'm brought out of my thoughts as someone's hands turn me over

And I catch a glance of cops checking to see if the man is sober


The medic whose searching for a pulse seems to lock eyes with me

I try to speak and utter out a simple plea

But nothing seems to come out

No matter how hard I try to shout

"Please help me, I'm not ready to die!"

I shout inwards as I stifly lie there and wonder why

I was never even allowed the chance to say goodbye


I see the medics mouths move but I hear no sound

And then I realize, there's no escape, and to this inevitable fate I am bound

As my life  pools unto the ground

An inner peace is suddenly found

I know my family will eventually smile

They will beable to laugh normally after a while

The  pain wont be as great

And they will learn to start again with a fresh clean slate

So as they pronounce me dead

I look down from the upon the scene and feel no dread

I watch as the stiff black sheet is draped over me


I stare with a sad expression as my parents arrive

Only to find they're too late and I'm no longer alive

I listen to their cries

And go to them with tear filled eyes

I wrap my arms around them both

Making a silent little oath

To send them all my love

As I watch them from above

Although they cannot see me, I know they can feel my presence


I place a ghostly kiss on them both and hug them tight

Willing them to feel this with all my might

Their tears begin to slow

And I watch with a sad little smile as I fade and start to go

They will learn to forgive but never forget

And I know I can rest with no regret

I just hope these tragic fates come to an end

Because as I look down I notice it's becoming an unfathomable trend

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem is very descriptive and graphic

i can sense anger in verses of this poem

people don't realize the impact of one's bad decision or poor choice can impact lives tremendously

you courageously express your thoughts with no fear, i commend you for it

continue to build and expand your ideas


Brought tears to my eyes... Well written.

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