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        Dear Depression,   Your waves rushed over me The pain was comparable to the sting of your biggest bee Your words
The past twelve months I've been a pebble  Drifting in the sea.  Floating at the surface then being violently turned around:  Disoriented and unaware and  Dizzy.  The current will stop for a second, 
-I went through a season of roaming. appeared as a tornado in the sand Rotating while in orbit, a cycle that I could not break without the mighty strength of God to stabilize me.
Each day it's the same It's a constant mental game   Do I work for the almighty coin? Is that where happiness and comfort join?   Does the value really exist in a dollar?
I use to feel lost and insecure in who I was The pain in my life seemed unbearable and my vision became blurry Each day I sunk deeper into the dark haziness of my mind
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