Tears just mix with blood


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I don't understand.
That's all I can say.
It's my life you have banned!
It's the same thing every single day...

The words and the looks,
They cause such pain and strife.
They're like things out of books...
But they cut like a knife.

I think of the mother too busy to care,
She looks but never sees...
That one thing that should deeply scare...
I just want you to help me please!

He tells me to BE PERFECT, but everyday I fail...
I know that he still loves me,
But it hammers in the nails.
He just does not see.

I feel that yearning in my soul,
To help me feel alive.
I take the blade and break my goal,
Hopefully I'll survive?

The power just brings the tears,
And they flow and mix with blood.
I call you even with the fear
You'll turn and run for good.

You always stay and help me,
Though inside I feel worthless.
You pick up the pieces you see,
And make me promise, I say yes.

Inside I'm still burning,
The pain will build and brew.
You understand the yearning,
But still say I love you.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is a heartfelt poem

be the best at what you can be

be true to yourself

keep writing and build off your ideas



  Where are the words coming from?

Look for the deepest place.

Maybe there is a central reason

But what are the imaginations that follow?

Is the topic truly your reason to write?

Or is it only that--

The topic?

Where do the words come from?



Is the pain real?

Can it be found?

Is there a cause?

It seems, if I understand

That the centre of it can be isolated.

Then, it can be solved.

Tears and blood

As long as they're true

Don't flow forever.

You have every chance

Of survival.

Cling to your words




This is one of the deepest poems 

the place where they come from for me on my poems is i open myself up to pain i have encountered and then the words start pouring out but so does pain and tears its not like what you think.../

im a 9th grader but have one good poem plse come and read adn it would mean the world 

Garrett Thomas

A fantastic work, and a true one, too. The world needs more people that think like you do. "You've got brains in your head, and you've got feet in your shoes, You can steer yourself any direction you choose," so with the blessing of Dr. Suess and myself, keep up the deep stuff. Thank you.

J. D. Wallace

This is a very emotional poem. Even someone like me, who hardly has any feelings, can understand the emotions from the heart put into this. Keep up the good work, and I look foward to reading more poems by you.


i hope one day i can write a poem with such meaning and heart in it. though it isn't as thick as a book and its not as big as the ocean it may come to mean just as much to someone out there. there is feeling, emotion,truth,patience i every word in this poem. well done

EJ Smith

I am both inspired and heartbroken by your honest, sincere outcry.

A beautiful poem from a beautiful heart.

Thank you so much for having the courage to write and share something so raw and real.

Keep on creating!

Jan Wienen

Thank you ...


Not sure why everyone in the comments is writing in poetry and rhyme but I really enjoyed this poem. I relate to it myself as I went through a similar period of this mentality(although I never caused any noticeable harm to myself). This topic has gotten swept under the rug over the years. It's nice to see that someone is speaking on the behalf of those who don't have the courage or words to speak for themselves about the strife they endure. Keep up the good work


i love this

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