Tearful "Friendship"

You sit and stare out at the field
You shut your eyes and form a shield.
Where did you go wrong?
The words and insults form a song.
You’re such a fake friend!
Is this a friendship you wish to mend?
Look, Muffintop!
You laugh, forgetting to tell them to stop.


The roles fade into one another, you see yourself laughing,
Laughing coldly,
Laughing cruelly,
Was that the moment you became the worst?
The bully,
The villain,
The one they cursed.
Laughing maniacally at the joke you just made,
Your tone, so icy, colder than the shade


You push them down.
Your victims, they drown.
In the tears of their own sorrow,
Yet, they come back tomorrow,
Stronger than yesterday,
Ready to face another day.


You switch back, back where you’re crying.
Are they secretly hoping that inside you’re dying?
No, you are there, stronger than the rest,
And ready to prove, that you, they did not best.


Yet, the tears do not stop…
The lake in your hands requiring a mop.
The floodgates break,
Your face falling as you take-
A glance around reveals that you are not alone,
The person there, face down, looking forlorn,
You realize your intruder is a true friend,
And slowly, your trust begins to mend.


My friendship with her ended like the dawn
And I, for one, am happy she’s gone.
Yet, I still feel that nagging doubt,
What was her outburst all about?


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