A single drop of water

Soon became a stream

I closed my eyes to stop the flow

Was harder than it seemed


The stream kept going on its way

Continuous it flowed

Until my heart would see the morn

That I’m freed from my woes


The stream fed off my troubles

Its source was from my heart

From when my friendships hit the ground

Family was torn apart


My soul poured out to no one else

But me, myself and I

I didn’t show this side to friends

I guess that I’m just shy


A single drop of water

Soon became a stream

It’s hard to disguise the teardrops

If you know what I mean


But recently that’s been changing

Was lost but now I’m found

The Lord, the Father, Jesus Christ

I’m now on solid ground


And now my friendships are strong

My family’s built on trust

Hope and compassion fill the soul

Love and faith are a must


And my happiness exceeded

All I’ve ever thought

I feel like I have been reborn

And gained what I have sought


A single drop of water

Soon became a stream

The teardrops are now tears of joy

It’s easier than it seems



I get what you mean man 

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