The teardrop on her burn


40° 27' 49.2012" N, 3° 44' 57.192" W

The blood, sweat and tears she lay, 

as she smiles from day to day.

Sweet as flowers of a rose,

Bitter than a lemon that grows.

Clear as the blue skies and birds that flew,

but little did she knew.

The one thing she wanted to have,

was one thing she never found. 


Colors of red, blue and clear

was the only thing she could find near.

Her happiness disappeared on the scene,

but she could only find it in her dream.

Her skin was marked and eyes stayed wet,

as her inside began to tear.

She reaches for help in deed,

but no one seems to be listening.


When will it come a time for others to realize, 

the hurt she has will never show on the outside.

The colors tie together to make her weaker,

but she stands tall everytime she gets beaten.

She raises her sword to breakthrough her pain,

she holds her shield as obstacles come her way.

No longer will she let fear take over,

because her courage stands to last longer.


Her title has been given to her,

as she decides to take a chance.

She will no longer be hurt by words,

especially of a man's.

The teardrops on her burn will tell a story of her word,

from the pain to healing along with a new beginning.






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