I ran across a tweet yesterday, 

"If you're darkskinned, you need to atleast have a pretty face. #TeaLightskinned"

Funny thing is, whites don't even have to be racist anymore, we're doing it for them.

We have ancestors rolling in their graves, while we're backstroking in ignorance.

It is sad when my own people are oblivious to what they are accepting.

My generation is dropping out of school at rates I refuse to acknowledge, 

But how can I not when our own grandmothers fought for our names to even show up on the attendance?

My black parents, do not raise your children without spines,

You can not always hunch over when authority drops bombshells at your door.

How can you tell your children to reach for the stars when you're always looking to the floor for answers?

Dark enough to hang out with black girls,

But light enough to be the pretty one.

I cannot take you seriously if you can merge hundreds of years of broken dreams and broken whips into a color scale of

Fantasia to Alicia Keys, how pretty is she?

Apparently you're less sophisticated if you prefer your coffee with cream 


Fuck good vocabulary, if we have a baby will they have good hair?

Yes honey, you can twerk,

Of course you can "teach me how to dougie"

But you cannot "soulja boy" your way out them shackles on your feet!

Blacks turn in their coffins of pride every day at 6pm, because apparently Black Entertainment Television has become a clown show,

The only place you can catch a slave calling another slave massah,

But it's okay, because that's "my nigga, my nigga"

Yeah, you want to "fuck every girl in the world" and I heard you

"Beat the pussy up, Emmett Till."

But don't front like those tears on your face were for us,

They were for them.



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