Teachers That Won't Teach

Fri, 10/18/2013 - 18:21 -- cedez


Upon arriving to Brit Lit I see

Books on tables that no one will read and faces as blank as notebooks and their minds

Please allow me to sit here and teach myself because I dont have time to sit in a class for and hour and 40 minutes

With a teacher that won't teach

Can't switch out other classes are full 

But tell me how the DOE cares about my plans for the future 

If I along with every other student is stuck in a Class

With a teacher that won't teach

Spare me the grades because you would recieve an F

You see my mother is a teacher 

And mother knows what's best

Heres to you Brit lit

The teacher that won't teach

Open your eyes sit straight don't talk be in ready postition and pay attention

Now Listen 

To the student who finally had the courage to teach you a lesson

I have dreams and ambitions and America helped create them

Created this thing other countries dont have

Free education

Teachers in hawaii are getting a pay cut because our government is poor

Sending teacher and government to have a money hungry war

You fight for your cash and I fight for my knowledge all because

I sit her every week day waiting

On the teacher who won't teach. 

Teachers are supposed to be philosphers

What philosophy have you taught us 

Other than our dreams are just dreams so stay in your seat

Teachers are supposed to be sculptors

All you've done was grab the tools 

You cant even finish the job 

Threw polish on your work and took pride but just like the amatures you have nothing to show

How does it feel to be

The Teacher that won't teach 

You sit on your pay roll while we sit on desks of empty aspirations cause you never taught us how to chase them

Let alone arm us with the knowledge we needed

In the end no one will remember the invisible impression that you left on our lives

You see people stay in your class because it's easy

But that's the opposite of life

So here is to the teacher who won't teach

You need to quit your job it's not like teaching was your destiny

If it was then teaching should be coming easily frequently lesson plans a breeze

Don't worry I have more my hour fourty isn't done

Now Im the student that had to teach her teacher

Look I'm not trying to scold you

I just needed you to see that teachers help make dreams

They help make leaders and empowering people

Now you know your mistakes go back and correct them

Now stop being the teacher who won't teach

And reflect Upon this lesson

Make Teachers in Hawaii be the ones who stand out

Show them that our Aloha helps us see

What teaching is all about





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