Teacher, what do you see?


What do you see in the classroom?

Simply just students,

some good and some bad,

either listening to your teachings

or ignoring them?


What do you see in the hallway?

Students rushing to get to class,

a few of them being immature

but you just tell them to 'stop it'?


What do you see in the cafeteria?

Groups of students just hanging out,

eating food and just having a laugh?


You see the good and the bad in the classroom,

but do you not notice the student,

who tries to stand their ground

against hurtful insults and snide remarks?

Can´t you hear the whispers

behind covering hands,

that spur the rumor mill

against their peers?


In the hallways, you reprimand

those who run around being foolish,

but do you not see student,

being shoved to the ground,

just because they are easy prey

for the sharks to bite,

in the sea of students?


You may see the groups

laughing around in the cafeteria,

but can you not see the student,

who sits on their own,

wanting to join in but can´t,

because they´re different?


Teachers, stop seeing and start looking

for those who need your guidance!

Stop just hearing things and start listening,

for those who cry out for your help!



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